Thursday, April 11, 2013

#11April2013 [1203]

Farid is being awkward !

Having late night conversation with him via whatapps is fun but suddenly became awkward when he start to ask about my personal life. Did u started to like me after 3 years being my friend? Ohh my Goshhhh, please dont ! We haven't met yet and we only have sweet chat, sweet talk , sweet arguement maybe? See, we should not have that feeling yet. Just please be my friend :)

I still have feeling for that guy. The guy who i abandon me for others. So, i dont want to hurt you. hmmm :(

But you are good friend. Sweet talker and gedik ! Hahaha. You ask me, did you 'macho' enough to be with me? So, my answer is NO ! You just too nice to be hurt by me :) sorry friend.

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