Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pergi study la miza ! [1236]

Friend : miza, did you finished your study?
Me : No. Why?
Friend : I didn't see you study at all. Did you?
Me : I do study.
Friend : when? I only watch you sleeping, watching movie, eating and playing with your clour pen.
Me : did I do that? LOL !
Kadang-kadang aku pon tak pasti ape buat. Serius ! So, when someone ask me like that, normally i'm only laughing. Bagi aku study should be fun and we should fall in love everytime when we're studying, if stress we will dying slowly. Menakutkan kan?
Cara aku study is unpredictable, but i'll make it fun so, that why i'm not stress. I've used differnt style of studying when i want to study. I did to all subject except when the subject make me to draw. Only drawing make me stress and i still do not know how to make it fun -____-
Currently mood is hungry ! Malas giler nak buat food hunting sebab sedar construction law tak usik lagi. Study la mizaaaaa !
#StudyMoodIsOn #FinalMood #Hungry #LawIsComplicated

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